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By meadowsweetorganics, Jan 8 2017 03:36PM

Happy New Year!

It's January and we've been in hibernation for the past few months stocking up on much needed rest and planning ahead for the coming season.

There's not much growing on the farm this time of year apart from Kale and Brussels Sprouts because of the cold and short days and to add to that the farm is shadowed by the Lomond Hills making the season even shorter!

There is life inside the polytunnel however where pak choi, spring cabbages, lettuces, salads and seedling are growing away slowly waiting for the light and warmth to return. You can never be short of indoor growing space in Scotland and that's why we're currently building a second even bigger tunnel! so we can get more veggies to you even earlier this year.

Apart from building there's not a huge amount to do on the farm this time of year apart from tidying up and feeding the perrenial plants like asparagus and herbs to prepare them for the Spring.

We have recently been awarded a grant to help increase biodiversity on the farm and plan to do this by planting a medicinal hedgerow along the farm, installing some owl boxes, starting to plant an orchard and sowing a wildflower meadow, so we will planting lots of trees over the next month or so.

Like I mentioned, we have been doing lots of planning ahead for this year and have lots of very exciting plans including growing more, adding lots of fertility to the farm, doing more vegboxes, taking on more volunteers and a seasonal apprentice; so what this space!

Here's to an abundant 2017!

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