We (David and Rosy) started Meadowsweet Organics in 2015, returning to the Falkland Estate where we first met in 2012 while working at 'Pillars of Hercules'.


We wanted to start making a living from doing what we love, growing our own food and good quality healthy food for others, aswell as doing something that's good for the planet and organic farming fits the bill just right.

We rent the land from the Falkland Estate, who were previously advertising for new farmers to come and start horticultural businesses on the estate, this was the perfect opportunity for us!


Rosy grew up in the Shetland Islands and previously studied agriculture, permaculture and outdoor education and has worked on a number of Organic farms in the Uk and Ireland.

She is passionate about growing organic herbs and is also a trained and practising Herbalist looking forward to opening a hands on herbal clinic on the farm in the near future!


David is from the Czech Republic and previously lived and worked in Spain before moving to Scotland. He loves growing veggies and used to run a kitchen garden in Somerset. He previously studied engineering and is a talented builder, always working on a new structure for the farm.


Our shared vision for the farm is to create a beautiful, diverse and fertile place producing vibrant and vital fresh produce and a healing space for people to re-connect to themselves and the land.


Here's to another great year of our 4th growing season!

We hope you enjoy our produce!


David & Rosy, January 2018.